Marcus Shaw

Solo Cornet, Guernsey Concert Brass Band, Channel Islands

Ted, I have recently purchased a Model 2 Cornet mouthpiece from your website and was amazed with two things – first, how quickly it came across the Big Pond and secondly, how easy and versatile it is to play.
I have, like many other brass players, been on a quest for more years than I would care to remember for the ideal mouthpiece. I have tried the usual suspects amongst the Wicks and the Bach’s and always had to compromise between tone and playability.

The first time I tried the Sparx # 2 I was surprised at the flexibility and stability of tone all the way across both extremes of the stave.

It is by far the best sounding and easiest to play mouthpiece I have come across in more than 20 years of brass playing.

Marcus Shaw

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