Andy Harris

Soprano cornet

After about 15 years away from brass banding (I was playing the trumpet professionally) I returned a few years ago and was looking for a mouthpiece. Something comfortable and with a similar feel to my trumpet one, but that still gave me a classic cornet sound. After reading many different things on forums I thought I’d give the Sparx range a go and settled on a 4B soloist. I loved it straight away and it as served me well over the last few years.

I was then asked if I’d like to move to Soprano and jumped at the chance having played soprano before and really enjoyed the experience.

I straight away emailed Ted for some advice on mouthpiece choice and he suggested the 4C. I ordered it without hesitation and it arrived a couple of days before my first rehearsal on Sop.

Well it’s amazing, it has all the range and comfort I need for soprano whilst still keeping a beautiful sound throughout all registers.

Thanks again for the fantastic mouthpiece.

Andy Harris – Soprano cornet

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