John Harris

B.Ed (Hons), ARCM, PGCE

Hi Ted, thanks for the mouthpiece it arrived shortly after speaking to you. I’ve used it for practise and band rehearsal and the results have far outreached my expectations.

Buying a mouthpiece just on reccomendation without trying it went against all that I have learned but this mouthpiece is the answer to the problems I have encountered going back to cornet playing after many years playing trumpet.

Intonation, range, tone, attack, response and flexibility have all improved. Triple tonguing is much cleaner and crisper. The temptation to overblow for the upper register has been removed and the comment of “who’s the trumpet player” from the other cornet players no longer applies.

Before considering a Sparx I tried Vincent Bach, Dennis Wick, Schilke, Yamaha and unusual makes such as a Jim Shepherd “Special” none of which produced the results I was after.

I feel very lucky to have found this mouthpiece. Why is there no major outlet in the U.K. for what is a quality product? I am so glad I took the chance and my gamble paid off!

Thanks for your help. All the best to everyone at Sparx Music.

John Harris

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