Bruce Lee

If you are looking for the ‘Turn of the Century’ traditional Cornet sound, in a modern mouthpiece, they’re here … ‘SPARX’ Cornet Mouthpieces.

Ted Sparks, of Ted Sparks’ Musical Services (Toronto, Canada) feels that the majority of cornet mouthpieces make the cornet sound more like a trumpet. His extensive experience with the ‘Canadian Staff Band’, and his knowledge brass instruments, led to his interest in developing a mouthpiece for brass band cornetists.

The ‘SPARX’ cornet mouthpieces are the result of a joint effort between Ted Sparks, and Gary Radtke, of GR Technologies. They were designed primarily for brass band cornet playing.

They feature better intonation, play evenly from high to low, have a rich, true cornet sound, and are great for the endurance required for long hours of strenuous brass band playing.

Bruce Lee

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