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Sparx -soloist- B cup Mouthpiece

Sparx -Soloist- Cornet Mouthpieces

This mouthpiece was designed for the cornet soloist who is required to have a full rich cornet sound from the lowest register right up to double high ‘F’ and beyond.

This ‘B’ cupped mouthpiece has proven to be a popular choice among orchestral players due to it’s balanced sound qualities. It offers both power and projection along with a solid full cornet sound.

This mouthpiece is featured in our Sound Room, in cornet solos by Del Staigers and Herbert L. Clarke.

Cup diameters match the Standard Line Mouthpieces:

  • Model 2-soloist- (2B) – Diam. .670″
  • Model 3-soloist- (3B) – Diam. .660″
  • Model 4-soloist- (4B) – Diam. .650″

Sparxmusic Cornet Mouthpiece selectionThe Standard Line:

You can view a table of detailed specifications.