Graham Young

Soprano Cornet, Weston Silver Band
Principal Trumpet, Symphony Hamilton & McMaster University Chamber Orchestra

After 20 years of looking for the elusive ‘soprano cornet’ mouthpiece I have found the perfect solution in the Sparx4C. The sound quality is perfect for blending with Bb cornets while allowing the brilliance required from soprano. The intonation removes the struggles I have had with compromise equipment derived from the piccolo trumpet. Particularly noteworthy is the tone quality, which does not change with register and the stability at all dynamic levels. High register pianissimos are routine rather than unnerving. Ted’s experience on soprano cornet is evident in this design that for me is the end of a long road.

For Bb I have found the Sparx 2 to perfectly complement my trumpet equipment, making the switches between trumpet and cornet in orchestra seamless. Recently on a performance of Lt Kije; the change from offstage Bb cornet to C trumpet was no problem. Even though I have a matching cornet mouthpiece by the same manufacturer to my trumpet equipment, I have found the Sparx on cornet an easier transition. I attribute this to the design that is perfected for cornet and not adapted from a trumpet Mouthpiece. I look forward to trying the Soloist version.

Also noteworthy and of great value is Ted’s personalized service and advice.

Graham Young

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