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The Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece

The Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece is a joint effort by: Ted Sparks, and Gary Radtke of GR Technologies.

The Sparx cornet mouthpiece was designed primarily for Brass band cornet playing. It had to meet a varied list of requirements:

  • Better intonation than any cornet mouthpiece on the market today
  • Plays evenly from high to low
  • Strong rich true cornet sound
  • Comfortable enough for long hours of taxing brass band playing
  • The Sparx Mouthpiece cup is computer-balanced with the GR Mouthpiece Design Program. Each mouthpiece is acoustically and mathematically balanced to achieve a full rich solid core of sound.

Throat diameters and lengths are blended with mathematically calculated backbore lengths and shapes for evenness of blow and intonation.

The rim of this mouthpiece is slightly wider and flatter then many other mouthpieces. This design allows for maximum flexibility without a loss of endurance. Therefore, the player can maintain a secure grip and play for hours with greater comfort.

You can hear the introduction to Arban’s ‘Fantaisie Brillante’ in our Sound Room played by Norman Engel on his Sparx # 2 mouthpiece.


The Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece is available in three cup diameters:

  • Model 2 – Diam. .670″ (similar to DW2B & Yamaha 16E)
  • Model 3 – Diam. .660″ (similar to DW3B)
  • Model 4 – Diam. .650″ (similar to DW4B)

Sparxmusic Cornet Mouthpiece selectionThe Standard Line:

You can view a table of detailed specifications.