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Sparx -custom- medium V cup Cornet Mouthpiece

Sparx - Custom - Cornet Mouthpieces

The Sparx – custom – mouthpiece is the most recent addition to the Sparx line of cornet mouthpieces. This medium V cup mouthpiece is designed to yield an authentic cornet sound for players who want a traditional cornet sound without an extremely deep cup. It is favoured by orchestral players who desire a distinctive cornet sound while still maintaining a presence in the orchestra.

Cup diameters match the Standard Line Mouthpieces:
Sparx 2* and 3* are currently available.


The Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece is available in three cup diameters:

  • Model 2 – Diam. .670″ (similar to DW2B & Yamaha 16E)
  • Model 3 – Diam. .660″ (similar to DW3B)
  • Model 4 – Diam. .650″ (similar to DW4B)

Sparxmusic Cornet Mouthpiece selectionThe Standard Line:

You can view a table of detailed specifications.