Kevin Metcalf

Soprano Cornet, Canadian Salvation Army Staff Band

A few years ago I began a conversation with Ted about my need for a new mouthpiece. I had been playing Eb Soprano Cornet using a Denis Wick 5B for about 40 years. Needless to say, the mouthpiece was quite worn out. I tried a few new 5B mouthpieces but none of them worked for me – they just weren’t the same as the old one somehow. Then Ted came up with the Sparx 7EX. I wasn’t entirely hopeful about it, but I was committed to giving it a fair trial.

It took me a bit of an adjustment period to get used to the change, but the effort paid off in huge dividends. My sound became brighter and more focused. My range increased. My ability to soar over the band (when required) increased. In other words, after all these years this mouthpiece has unexpectedly made me a better Soprano player.

I’m also using the companion trumpet mouthpiece – Sparx 7EX-M – for some jazz playing that I do and it’s working out great.

Kevin Metcalf

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