Don Johnson

“Legendary Brass Teacher”

Don’s career has encompassed many Avenues in the music world. From his teen age days in the Toronto Symphony, plus his many years as a studio player, he was also Musical Director playing name acts at a night club. During this time, he developed a multitude of first class players in his teaching studio. His teaching also included being Head of the Brass Department and Music Program at a College for many years. Don was recently described in the latest issue of the “International Musician”, as a “Legendary Brass Teacher”.

Having heard much about the Sparx mouthpiece, I eagerly awaited receiving my order. I had been playing a standard size mouthpiece but was not entirely satisfied with the sound.

My first impression and sensation with the Sparx, was of freedom and flow of air. The bowl was larger than the mouthpiece I had been using, which enhanced tonguing and also gave me more of the quality of sound I was looking for.

Over the days that followed, many other areas fell into place. One area that really surprised me, was the improvement in intonation. I even had to push my tuning slide back in.

This is a first class mouthpiece and is well deserved of its reputation.

Don Johnson

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