Donald P. McAfee

Vice-President/Soprano Cornet
The Brass Band of Central Florida

I’d heard about Sparx Mouthpieces for years, at all the competitions we went to, as well as some of the guys in the band. Never being much of an ‘equipment guy’, I have stuck with the same couple of mouthpieces for the last 25-30 plus years.

On a whim, I tried one of Ted’s mouthpieces that one of our front row guys had after rehearsal one night. Although it wasn’t a Sop. piece, I was amazed at how balanced and clear the sound was.

With a little apprehension and trepidation, I called Sparx Music. Not only did I get hold of somebody right away, I got Ted himself. He remembered me and the BBCF. He knew how varied and diverse the Sop. book was in our group, and suggested I try the 4E. I said “I’ll start there and see what happens”. He said, “I guarantee that’s where you’ll end too, every Sop. player using the 4E loves it”.

Man was he right! I can’t remember a more balanced, easy-blowing mouthpiece. It was comfortable at once, and there was very little ‘getting used to’ time. I think half a rehearsal. The glassy, brittle quality I would sometimes get when fatigued dissapeared completely. It’s learning curve is astonishingly short and it absolutely sparkles. It’s also forgiving on the many lead trumpet charts we do, because it’s not a peashooter. You got a winner here Ted. I’m an official convert!

Donald P. McAfee

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