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Custom model 2 mouthpiece.

“The Sparx 2* is a cornet mouthpiece that can do all things very well. It can soar with a big bold beautiful sound as well as play the most intimate of passages at pianissimo with gorgeous sound. For those players who play a lot of trumpet and dread the switch to the cornet because of the wild differences between mouthpieces, I highly recommend the Sparx 2*. I know you will find it comfortable, well balanced, and a joy to play.”

Mike Baker

New York City freelance musician

Brass Band of Battle Creek


“The Sparx 2* is a fantastic cornet mouthpiece that offers that traditional ‘British’ sound but provides the playability of other American-oriented (but oftentimes American-sounding) mouthpieces. The standard length contributes to excellent intonation and just a touch of support behind a wonderfully open but also focused cup that retains core in the upper register. This design allows me to have a true British cornet sound but also the ability to keep up with those who employ more trumpet-centric designs. Thanks Ted!”

Derek Ganong – D.M.A.
Assistant Professor of Applied Trumpet,
Director of Jazz, Boise State University.


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