Sparx -soloist- B cup Mouthpiece

Sparx -Soloist- Cornet Mouthpieces

The Sparx ‘soloist’ mouthpiece is the most recent addition to the Sparx line of cornet mouthpieces. This mouthpiece was designed for the cornet soloist who is required to have a full rich cornet sound from the lowest register right up to double high ‘F’ and beyond.

This ‘B’ cupped mouthpiece has proven to be a popular choice among orchestral players due to it’s balanced sound qualities. It offers both power and projection along with a solid full cornet sound.

This mouthpiece is featured in our Sound Room, in cornet solos by Del Staigers and Herbert L. Clarke.

Cup diameters match the Standard Line Mouthpieces:

  • Model 2-soloist- (2B) – Diam. .670″
  • Model 3-soloist- (3B) – Diam. .660″
  • Model 4-soloist- (4B) – Diam. .650″

Sparxmusic Cornet Mouthpiece selectionThe Standard Line:

You can view a table of detailed specifications.