This web site has been developed to introduce you to the SPARX CORNET MOUTHPIECE and other new products arriving shortly from .

Ted Sparks, creator of the Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece Ted Sparks is a Brasswind Musical Instrument Technician based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Before developing the Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece, Ted played in the "Canadian Staff Band" for fourteen years. After an eleven year stint on the solo cornet bench, he spent his final three years as the band's soprano cornetist. Today Ted performs with Toronto's Hannaford Street Silver Band and a wide variety of ensembles as a trumpet player and cornetist. Ted's knowledge of Brass Instruments and interest in Brass Bands has been the driving force behind this joint project.

For more information on the SPARX Cornet Mouthpiece, please visit our Products page.

MP3 Samples of the Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece being played

The Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece


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