Yngve Rasdal

Avid Cornetist

Sparx mouthpieces have made my cornet playing much more comfortable. The Sparx 4* is a perfect match with my Besson Prestige cornet. I have tried many mouthpieces, but when I tried Sparx 4* my search for an ideal mouthpiece ended. It has a very nice mellow tone, not too bright or too dark, just what I was looking for in brass band settings.

Yngve Rasdal

Larry Larson

Principal Trumpet, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.
Stratford Festival Orchestra

I used your Sparx 2C on my Bach cornet through the entire run of Billy Elliot at Stratford in 2019, and it was absolute genius!

Larry Larson
Principal Trumpet, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony
Stratford Festival Orchestra

John Etherson

Trumpeter – Sale Brass Band, UK

Just to say; absolute revelation!!!

The search for the ‘perfect’ soprano cornet mouthpiece is a thankless task. You usually have to sacrifice range for tone or vice-versa.

I am no top section player, but this piece (Sparx 4E) is perfect in my eyes as it achieves both. I can only wonder what a better player can do with this piece of witchcraft you have created 😁

John Etherson – Sale Brass, UK

Derek Ganong

Assistant Professor of Applied Trumpet &
Director of Jazz, Boise State University

The Sparx 2* is a fantastic cornet mouthpiece that offers that traditional “British” sound but provides the playability of other American-oriented (but oftentimes American-sounding) mouthpieces. The standard length contributes to excellent intonation and just a touch of support behind a wonderfully open but also focused cup that retains core in the upper register. This design allows me to have a true British cornet sound but also the ability to keep up with those who employ more trumpet-centric designs. Thanks Ted!

Derek Ganong – D.M.A.
Assistant Professor of Applied Trumpet,
Director of Jazz, Boise State University.

Phillip Davis

Trumpeter – Essex Police Band, Colchester Band

Having tried many mouthpieces, from many manufacturers, I came across the Sparx mouthpiece (from the review on 4barsrest).

From the first time I played using my Sparx 3DV I noticed excellent intonation, greater comfort, incredibly even response, more security at the extremes of my range, and lovely sweet, rich tone with lots of presence.

The Sparx mouthpiece makes me want to play all the time.

(great customer service, as well).

Phillip Davis – Essex Police Band, Colchester Band

Jonas Feldman

Trumpet player and cornetist

I recently switched to the new Sparx 2* cornet mouthpiece. I have found that the sound I am able to get is rich and dark, while still maintaining ease and flexibility both in range and endurance. I am very much enjoying performing solos and playing in larger ensembles with this mouthpiece.

Jonas Feldman –
Toronto based
Trumpet player and cornetist

Tom in Lincolnshire

Proud Father of Two Trumpeters

Hi Ted,
Years ago I bought a Sparx Cornet mouthpiece for my youngest daughter who was around 8 years of age at the time. She loved playing it on her Besson cornet and still does. I recall that I got in touch to say how impressed I was with the quality of the piece and the speed of delivery.

Why or how we then came to have an instant messenger conversation of some kind, I can’t remember at this distance in time, but we did and you asked if you could ‘speak’ directly to my daughter briefly to ask for her feedback on the mouthpiece as a player. She told you she liked the comfort of the mouthpiece and how it played. She was also impressed that the maker himself sought her opinion of it.

Now, a lot of years later I’m after a mouthpiece for my eldest daughter, Jane, who also plays cornet – a restored American King Master from the 1950’s, in the London Brass Band. I’ve included a link to a Youtube clip in which she’s talking about the brass band she belongs to. She’s a professional actress so she freely volunteered for the interview when everyone else seemed to back away 😊.

She is a 2nd or 3rd cornet player and I want to buy her a Sparx for her birthday. I’m not a player myself but I can tell you that she likes a more mellow sound rather than a bright tone, although Her King Master does seem to have a quite a bit of a Trumpet character to its tone compared to the Besson. If you could point me in the right direction regarding your range of mouthpieces that would fit her King Master, and her tone preference, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

All the best,


Andy Harris

Soprano cornet

After about 15 years away from brass banding (I was playing the trumpet professionally) I returned a few years ago and was looking for a mouthpiece. Something comfortable and with a similar feel to my trumpet one, but that still gave me a classic cornet sound. After reading many different things on forums I thought I’d give the Sparx range a go and settled on a 4B soloist. I loved it straight away and it as served me well over the last few years.

I was then asked if I’d like to move to Soprano and jumped at the chance having played soprano before and really enjoyed the experience.

I straight away emailed Ted for some advice on mouthpiece choice and he suggested the 4C. I ordered it without hesitation and it arrived a couple of days before my first rehearsal on Sop.

Well it’s amazing, it has all the range and comfort I need for soprano whilst still keeping a beautiful sound throughout all registers.

Thanks again for the fantastic mouthpiece.

Andy Harris – Soprano cornet

Daniel Wajda

Cornet – New York Staff Band

With my Sparx mouthpiece I get a more open and relaxed sound, especially in the upper register, as well as a more immediate articulation response. It also helps in finding the balance between the sweet cornet sound and a more powerful approach when it is needed. It makes the physical side of playing much more efficient!

Daniel Wajda